Mc Shopping

By Jose HigueraOil painting
The twenty connected works that will comprise the Shopping series tries to be a call to the consciousness in two aspects. Firstly it is the reality reflected on a crystal; where the truth is to be found … the truth that we all know about but that most of us do not appreciate. Secondly it is the history, the past and the present … the past of achievements and improvements that surround our past but are rarely recognized maybe because they have been taken for granted as they were always there for our delight.
Size : 80 x 120 x 4 cmTheme : ArchitectureOrientation : Portrait
Certificate of AuthenticitySingle art
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6 600 €
By buying this artwork you are doing a good deed, we pledge to donate 330 € to the association :Children with Cancer - UK Charity for Children
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About the artist

Jose Higuera
Jose HigueraDepuis son enfance, il montre un grand intérêt pour le dessin et la peinture, un fait qui est mis en évidence par ses professeurs et dont…
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